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Next Legacy Perspectives

Feb 28, 2023

While immigration is a polarizing topic in the US, Welcome Tech and their vision to become the digital Ellis Island somehow manage to rise above the politics. Amir Hemmat, Welcome Tech's founder, explains that if you think of a country like a company, attracting the best talent and then creating ideal conditions for their success is a no brainer. This is Welcome Tech's mission.
With millions of immigrants in the United States now leveraging the Welcome Tech platform, the company is well on its way. In this conversation, Amir digs into the many reasons why a company like Welcome Tech needs to exist, including why the government itself is not well positioned to serve immigrants this comprehensively. Regardless of your stance on immigration, Amir's no-nonsense views on how to empower immigrants to contribute and thrive in a new country will have you nodding in agreement. Check it out, and let us know what you think.